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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mochi pizza?

Mochiko's mochi pizza is a unique culinary creation. Our thin pizza crusts are handcrafted using a secret blend of rice flours, then topped with bold and savory toppings. Every bite of our mochi pizza is a delicious experience from start to finish.

Is your mochi pizza fried?

Mochiko's mochi pizza is baked to perfection and never fried. The crispy texture is achieved from our secret recipe that bakes up chewy and crispy.

Is Mochiko's mochi pizza made with kiri mochi?

Our mochi pizza crusts are handcrafted using a secret blend of rice flours that bake up crispy and chewy. Our bold toppings make our mochi pizza delicious to the last bite.

Are your mochi pizzas sweet?

Our savory mochi pizzas are crafted with bold ingredients that deliver the perfect blend of salty, tangy, and sweet flavors, plus an extra kick of heat.

How many people will each mochi pizza serve?

Our 18-inch pizzas will serve 2-3 adults. Each pizza is cut into 6 pieces for sharing.

Is a mochi pizza gluten-free?

Mochiko mochi pizza crusts are made with some gluten. Also, please be aware that the ingredients used for our toppings may either contain gluten or have been processed in a facility that handles wheat products, nuts, shellfish, soy, and other allergens.

How do I reheat a mochi pizza?

Our mochi pizzas are best enjoyed hot. Please follow these instructions to reheat your mochi pizza.

Is Mochiko Mochi Pizza a chain restaurant or a franchise? 

Mochiko Mochi Pizza is a small shop in downtown Burlingame, CA. Mochiko is operated by the two partners of Sushirrito, a fast-casual sushi concept that started in the Bay Area. Both Mochiko Mochi Pizza and Sushirrito are independently owned-restaurants, with no affiliations to chains or franchises.